Roman Tmetuchl International Airport

  • Daily flights to/from Guam.
  • Twice weekly flights to/from Manila.
  • Twice weekly flights to Taipei.
  • Twice weekly flights to Seoul.
  • Weekly flight to Tokyo-Narita.
  • Complete, efficient freight-handling capabilities.

Modern port facilities in Malakal

  • 114,000 gross revenue tons cargo landed annually.
  • 4,000 gross revenue tons cargo outbound annually.
  • Advantageously located on all Indo-Asian shipping lanes.


  • Quick and easy country-wide distribution network facilitated by:
  • Complete paved highway and roads in all areas.
  • Twice weekly passenger and cargo ferries to Angaur.
  • Twice weekly passenger and cargo ferries to Peliliu.


  • New fiber-optic cable with 500 Gbps capacity.
  • High-speed internet.
  • Internet top-level domain: .pw


  • Modern-era electrical grid with a nationwide capacity of 23 megawatts, and peak load of 17 megawatts.
  • 120V, 60Hz (North American plug) outlets.
  • Modern water and sanitation systems, currently undergoing improvement and expansion.