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Foreign Investment

Palau’s Foreign Investment Act, amended 2017, seeks to encourage foreign investment in Palau’s economy within the guidelines of sustainable and environmentally responsible development.

The Foreign Investment Board is charged with reviewing applications for a Foreign Investment Approval Certificate (FIAC), to ensure that investment and development are in line with the goals and priorities of the people of Palau.

To better assess the merits of an investment and the qualifications of the investor(s), the Foreign Investment Board asks that prospective foreign investors pre-satisfy certain steps in the process of opening a new business. To that end, prior to submitting an application for a FIAC, a potential foreign investor should:

  1. Review existing business names with the Corporate Registrar, Office of the Attorney General, and reserve its proposed business name.
  2. Pay the registration fee to the Bureau of the Treasury and register the proposed company with the Corporate Registrar, Office of the Attorney General.
  3. Identify a location and conclude a provisional agreement with the landowner(s) or landlord(s), including title search and clearances, and zoning approvals (if necessary).

For information on public land available for commercial lease, contact the state's Land Authority.

This information is necessary to complete a FIAC application, available here. Submit completed applications to the Foreign Investment Board. Guidelines for the completion of the FIAC application can be found here.

To continue with the rest of the application process, visit the "Getting Started" page.


Foreign Investment Board
+680 488-1135